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Creative Director Renee Bennett believes that the term "wig" carries a stigma, potentially causing feelings of shame in women who wear them out of necessity or choice. To counter this, Renee established Adorned by Renee Bennett, a brand focused on elevating confidence.

Specializing in crafting custom wigs, Adorned by Renee Bennett aims to restore natural looks and confidence. With meticulous attention to detail, the brand empowers individuals experiencing hair loss or seeking a new look by offering personalized, comfortable, and natural-looking solutions.


Discover the joy of embracing your true self with an Adorned by Renee Bennett custom hair system.

Custom units from Adorned by Renee Bennett are designed for everyday wear, offering the appearance of natural hair.


What sets Renee and her hair systems apart is her ability to create units that look like your own hair, along with her artistic custom coloring and styling techniques. All custom units are handmade with love and are glueless.

Adorned by Renee Bennett currently offers four types of units: Simply You, The Original, Custom Hairline, and U-parts.

- **Simply You**: These custom units are handcrafted and left in their natural, raw hair color state, lasting 3-4 years. Turnaround time is roughly 3 weeks.

- **The Original**: These everyday go-to hairpieces last 3-4 years with proper maintenance. Customized with closures or frontals from personal vendors located in India and Southeast Asia, these units offer additional color options. Turnaround time is roughly 3-4 weeks.

- **Custom Hairline**: These units require custom molds of the client's hairline and feature very thin film lace imported from the UK, making them "undetectable". Due to the lace's delicacy, these units are not recommended for daily wear but can last 5 years or more with occasional strand/lace repair. Turnaround time is usually 3 months.


- **U-Part/V-Part Hair Systems**: Blended with your parted leave-out area, these units accommodate various parting styles and are a great option for those not yet ready for lace. U-parts can be shifted to match your hair part.

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